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Your guide to car maintenance and repair, all makes and models combined!

Professional car repair

Professional car repair

As a vehicle owner it is vitally important that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you being greatly out of pocket.

By performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, it will highly reduce the risk of serious problems occurring in the future as well as improving the driving quality of your vehicle. Many vehicle owners fail to perform the necessary vehicle maintenance tasks that are so important due to ignorance, lack of awareness or even laziness. Car maintenance is not a difficult task for most drivers. Even drivers with limited motor knowledge are able to perform maintenance tasks such as checking your tyre pressures, changing the oil, and checking other engine fluids in your vehicle.

Whether you’re using your own car regularly, renting it out at private car rental platforms, or lending it to a family member, maintenance and repairs are always going to be part and parcel of your car’s life. So, make sure you’re doing things the right way!

Professional car repair

Saving money

Failure to carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle can lead to severe problems. Certain mechanical failures can occur and impact your savings more than expected.

Car maintenance at home

Whether it's for cost savings or mechanical pleasure, "what basic maintenance can I do on my car" is the first question we ask ourselves. Well, the answer is: a lot of things!

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance, which can be done by yourself and requires only a few minutes/hours per month. It allows you to keep your vehicle in good condition, by carrying out some of the work necessary to achieve this.


Depending on your vehicle's maintenance and warranty record, periodic inspections are required to examine, rectify and replace certain components.
Car repair principles

Car repair

A steep bill, a feeling of helplessness, a puzzle… between the dizzying increase in repair costs and the high cost of living, some people give up their cars. At the same time, others are making significant savings. How? By choosing the option of repairing the car themselves. Here are the keys to get you to their school.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle means guaranteeing its use for a long time. In addition to the roadworthiness test, made mandatory by legislation since January 1992, taking good care of your car also means ensuring that you comply with a certain number of rules. These precepts vary according to mileage. This includes ensuring that your oil is changed on time, checking the condition of your brakes, suspensions, headlights, etc. regularly. These small details will ensure your vehicle’s longevity.

How to find spare parts?

Today many websites and blogs help to repair your car without much effort. It is true, exercise requires the ability to do crafts and especially curiosity. But with the web you can learn absolutely everything, as long as you go to the right address and do your best. So, when you are faced with a breakdown or you can’t clearly identify the parts that are malfunctioning, take a look at the car forums.

Through a simple tutorial, photos or video, the trick is done. You will be equipped and able to repair your car, sometimes even perform complex operations. Whether it’s replacing your brake drum linings, shock absorbers, gimbals or even your starter, no minor failure will ever be able to resist you.

A good diagnosis is not enough. This also involves the part factor to be changed. Once again, the net reflex is one of the best options. Did you know that thanks to the sales sites on the web you can find the parts you are looking for at very attractive prices (70% cheaper than at the dealer)? Some platforms offer home delivery to their customers. Others go so far as to accompany the orders of manuals with photos or videos so that you can get by on your own; this is the concept of “do-it yourself”.

Things to look out for when reparing your car

Having the right tools

To carry out repairs yourself on your car, it is necessary to have many tools. It is unthinkable to get into mechanics with only a few screwdrivers. You should therefore get information and put together a box with all the instruments you need, such as fixed-opening wrenches (flat/pipe), variable-opening wrenches (multi-socket pliers, wrench, wrench), hammers, screwdrivers, as well as specialized tooling for the car.

Compare quotes to pay the right price

Depending on the garage you visit, the price can vary by as much as twice as much. Indeed, the hourly rate of the garage or the type of parts used has a significant impact on the final invoice for your repair. We therefore advise you to take the time to compare prices online. You will have access to 3 detailed quotes, it will be easier to choose the garage that best suits your needs. You could save money by travelling only a few extra kilometres.

Don’t postpone your repairs!

No one enjoys going to the garage to replace a timing belt and it can be tempting to postpone repairs. However, not doing your repairs could be very expensive. A broken timing belt can cause very serious damage to your engine, and the addition will be much more expensive: replacing an engine can cost more than €5,000. It is therefore better to invest in changing a 600 € timing belt before risking engine failure and expensive repairs.