Car repair

How to repair the air conditioner in your car?

The air conditioner contributes to the comfort in the passenger compartment of your car, whatever the season. But its use can be prevented by frequent breakdowns. The first reflex to restart the air conditioning is to use a garage. Do…

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Find a specialist in fine and medium sheet metal working

The garage door is practically the second front door of a house and is opened and closed several times a day. Depending on the architectural style of the building and the taste of each individual, several materials are used to…

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Buy spare parts and equipment for cars online

Repairing your car requires you to purchase spare parts to replace faulty equipment. Some people have some knowledge of mechanics and can do it themselves. Others, however, should contact a professional garage. In any case, you will often have to…

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How to have your immobilized vehicle transported?

Are you on your way back from vacation and your vehicle suddenly breaks down? Unfortunately the repairs to be carried out are too important that they will have to be carried out in the garage, in this case towing will…

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