Find a specialist in fine and medium sheet metal working

The garage door is practically the second front door of a house and is opened and closed several times a day. Depending on the architectural style of the building and the taste of each individual, several materials are used to design garage doors. Metal is one of the most popular materials.

Advantages of the design of a metal garage door by a professional

Thanks to its hardness, metal ensures the robustness and safety of a garage door. Using a professional in fine and medium sheet metal work guarantees the optimization of this material. Indeed, a specialist will implement the motorization of the opening system as soon as the gate is designed. This motorization can be accompanied by a security system, against intrusions for example. Other accessories and automation controls such as a coded keypad, an external key switch, a manual disengagement system in case of power failure etc. can also be provided. One of the other very important elements to check when installing a garage door is its insulation and tightness. A professional knows how to operate them, whether it is a single or double-walled door. The installation of insulated panels or the installation of seals guaranteeing the thermal comfort of the garage is all specific know-how. Finally, if a garage door expert knows their standard dimensions, he or she is perfectly capable of manufacturing custom-made garage gates.

Different types of sheet metal garage doors

Depending on its intended use, there are different types of metal garage door openings. The door leaf usually opens outwards. It is the most classic and surely the oldest system. The sliding door does not overflow outwards and allows full clearance from the garage entrance. The up-and-over garage door, as its name suggests, tilts in one piece, often vertically, and fits under the garage ceiling. This system also offers a total opening of the entrance. The sectional door consists of several hinged panels and opens completely either under the garage ceiling or laterally along a wall. The roller garage gate, on the other hand, winds up, like a metal curtain, in a box above the garage opening.

Design and customization of a garage gate

Occupying on average nearly 20% of its fa├žade, the garage door proves to be a real aesthetic element of a building. The harmony of the garage gate with the texture and color of the exterior siding is therefore sought. It is also possible to install a garage door that matches the main entrance door of a house. The colors and general appearance of the garage door are then reproduced in the same way but in miniature on the front door. Other stylish customizations such as the installation of portholes or skylights, the installation of smooth, patterned or raised walls, etc. can also be carried out.
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