How to repair the air conditioner in your car?

The air conditioner contributes to the comfort in the passenger compartment of your car, whatever the season. But its use can be prevented by frequent breakdowns. The first reflex to restart the air conditioning is to use a garage. Do you know that you can carry out these repairs yourself? This post explains how to do this.

How to assess the good condition of the device?

It all depends on the condition of the parts. When your air conditioning is on, do you notice a lack of cold? Do you hear a metallic noise? Are there any fumes on the windshield? These observations about the air conditioner are symptoms of aging parts: cabin filter, condenser, compressor, dehydrator, etc. Normally, the filter, for example, prevents allergenic particles from settling in your vehicle. Acting like a cage, it blocks the passage of pollen, dust, debris, etc. But only if it is in good condition, it's like the human body: good health depends on the condition of organs, tissues and muscles. Thus, parts in good condition make the right devices.

Identify the problem inside the car

Generally, when your air conditioner is on, a light (green) appears on the dashboard. If it does not appear, it is because there is a power failure or the air conditioning switch is not working properly. So you can know if it's a power outage or not. Then check the air flow through the vents. If you do not feel any draughts, the fan motor is out of order. This can be caused by a poor condition of the compressor.

Malfunction due to a problem under the hood

Warning: do not be in a hurry to believe that the malfunction of your air conditioner has its origin under the hood! First, make sure that the air conditioning is not obstructed in the condenser area. Indeed, the presence of a large volume of debris blocks the flow of air conditioning. After this check, open the cover and look at the device's belt. Is it missing? Does the belt fail? Carefully inspect these components and replace them. Then get back in your vehicle. After setting the air to its maximum speed, monitor the compressor. If it turns on and off, or displays the "cyclist", it is a good sign.

Examine the alternating current on the air conditioner

The malfunction observed may be related to an absence of alternating current. To be sure of this assumption about the system, turn off the vehicle's engine. Then place gauges at the high and low pressure ports of the machine. If, a few minutes later, you can't read the pressures, there are leaks.

Why use a professional?

According to a common belief, it is not necessary to seek the services of a specialist to repair a car's air conditioning. But this is a mistake! As the system is not sealed, it is designed to be maintained. You should contact a professional, as his work equipment includes a maintenance device. By connecting it to your car, he knows if there is a lack of refrigerant. It also detects parts in poor condition. Among other things, the technician can add oil for the compressor. It can also degrease the condenser, check the air conditioning temperature or turn on the normal amount of gas. To repair your car's air conditioner, you must examine its parts. And sometimes it only takes a simple cleaning to get everything running again. But this may require a more specific intervention. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact a professional!
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