2013 Ford sign innovative companies list

Ford Motor Company is the only full-line car company in the category at the innovative companies of 2013 by Fast Company. In addition to some of the leading brands such as Nika, Google, Apple, Square, Amazon, Tumblr and Fab. Opening of Silicon Valley lab in Palo Alto, California by Ford, in June 2012 and received the most attention by the editors of Fast Company. Where there is the Ford engineers worked with the best and brightest technologists in the silicon valley. One of the most innovative features available is the connectivity system on ford vehicles, which have won many awards. Even the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion giving treats series driver help system which is the most advanced and most complete for the automotive industry, which includes Lane keeping system and adaptive cruise control, all of which is presented in a family sedan at an affordable price. Ford Scientists also are developing cars with future systems, including rider weight estimator useful to help the rider to control stress while on the road.
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