Nissan Navara, Champion Multimedia

Three sessions contest EMMA (European Mobile Media Association) 2012 devoured already, and successfully proved that commonrail diesel cars made by the user is able to compete with gasoline.

It can not be denied, distorted the wearer solar car cabin more big range of Nissan Navara, sedan or hatchback petrol than a frequent contest winner subscription. But Christy Kris was not afraid to be won first prize in the class of Multi Media 2.1.

Eddie Soesanto, fitter Cartens AutoSound, have special tricks related to the construction of this Christy owned Navara. According to Eddie, in preparation for the installation of double-cab cabin has been prepared well in advance of EMMA Indonesia Contest SQ QR-2.

“Damping system overhaul from the ceiling, trim and interior of the car must be done carefully. Given an SUV Nissan Navara double cab diesel, which have high levels of noise and vibration to be quite fast,” said installer based in the central parts Duta Mas Lt.2 , Fatmawati, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

Her whole cabin that has been smothering Dynamat silencer, Visel and STP in each panel, armed with a component in car entertainment qualified. Such monitors Alpine INA-W900 DVD with additional processors Alpine PXA-H800. Speaker Focal Utopia BE K2P the midrange, are driven by the power amplifier Focal Performance 5 Channel, plus Digital Design Subwoofer 8 inch wide.

Judging on the QR-2 conducted by Hong Foo Lock, judges from Malaysia. And the results achieved are maximized, ranks first in the category of Multi Media 2.1 (Free For All-No Budget).

Entering Indonesia EMMA SQ QR-3 Contest for the same category, system installation in the cabin Navara is not experiencing much change. Given the preparation for this match rather tight time, about a week for the work, then Eddie was just doing stand by moving debris tweeter and midrange to a new position. In addition, the replacement of the original tweeter components using Focal K2P, is upgraded to use Focal Utopia Beryllium.

On the day, judging by Raverooj, judges from Thailand. The results were pretty good achievement, ranks 2nd in the category of Multi Media 2.1 (Unlimited Budget). With this trophy is, Navara alert this 2010 silver color managed to get one ticket to play in the Final EMMA EMMA Asia and Indonesia in January 2013.

To face tough competition in the contest session EMMA Asia, Cartens AutoSound prepare double cab car to the maximum in order to compete in the prestigious event, to represent Indonesia in the field of audio-video car.

“We made full preparations for this mat for 2 weeks with structural changes in the use of devices, systems, speaker positioning, cabling and fiber and wood craftsmanship,” said Eddie seriously.

Given the EMMA competition in Asia is very heavy, Eddie was offered to the owner of the car to want to take off the whole rear seat cabin. Order placement audio devices that require large enough space to do more leverage.

Christy agrees lucky Eddie request earlier. As a result the work can be done more leverage, both in terms of the preparation of the device and adding a little sweetener or cosmetics for the design of audio-video on Navara’s cabin.

Sacrifice Christy also yielded satisfactory results. For the category of Multi Media 2.0, the Navara is successfully won the first prize with a total of 277 points overall, and got the first position for Sound And Picture with a total of 177 points.

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