A guide to buying cleaning machines for auto detailing

Auto detailing is a profitable business. However, detailers must work hard to deliver the vehicles in a timely manner. Otherwise, customers who have once used the service may never come back. One of the most important things in the success of this business lies in choosing the right cleaning products and machines. A good auto detailing company requires almost all the major types of cleaning machines: carpet cleaners, pressure washers, and even steam cleaners. This article provides some tips for purchasing each of these machines. It is also important to understand why the process of cleaning automobiles requires different types of cleaning machines.

Know Auto Detailing

The process of cleaning vehicles involved the maintenance of many surfaces. The interior parts of the vehicle are relatively soft: for example, seat upholstery and car mats. The metal body and glasses of the automobile are hard, but brittle. The engine parts and other internal components are made of hard and sturdy materials. What it means for the cleaning process is that one requires different types of cleaning machines. Carpet cleaners are required for grooming and shampooing car mats and seat upholstery. Pressure washers are required for eliminating grease from engine parts and body. Steam cleaners can be used for cleaning glass, dashboards, and other interior hard surfaces. The following are some tips to purchase various types of cleaning machines for auto detailing.

Carpet Cleaners

The task of these machines is simple: cleaning the interior parts of the vehicles. It would be better to use carpet cleaners that provide heated output, as it reduced drying times while increasing cleaning power. The output temperature of the machine can reach up to 210°F. Another thing to check is whether the machine makes use of low flow technology or not. Machines equipped with this technology ensure that the surfaces dry up quickly. A short drying time ensures that the car wash business prospers constantly due to the fast turn-around time. In fact, opt for machines with a 2-4 hour drying window for carpets and a 1 hour drying period for upholstery for the greatest turnaround. It is also important to use green chemicals along with carpet cleaners. Artificial detergents leave toxic residues on the surfaces. For making the cleaning process quicker and more efficient, a car wash business should use carpet cleaners with special wands for car detailing.

Pressure Washers

Car pressure washers are used by mobile car wash companies for removing the dirt and stains from the vehicle’s exterior surfaces, like the painted body. One important thing to remember is that the machines should not have a pressure level that exceeds 1500 psi. A higher pressure level might cause damage to the vehicle surface. Almost all mobile car wash companies prefer a pressure washer with a low flow rate. Ideally, flow rate should be as low as possible to prevent water wastage and flooding in certain areas, particularly important for mobile detailers who travel to their clients’ homes or places of work. Car pressure washers with a flow rate of less than 2 GPM are often ideal, but reputable suppliers offer machines with flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM.

Steam Cleaners

These machines can be used for both spot cleaning the carpets and removing dirt from certain hard surfaces. Well-known suppliers offer machines with over 36 parts and accessories. The high output temperature of these machines may become a problem for certain auto detailing applications. These car wash machines can reach up to 386°F to rapidly dissolve substances on hard surfaces, safe for use on windows and other interior hard surfaces of vehicles. However, some surfaces may not respond well to such high temperature levels. To avoid damage, first test an area before applying to the entire surface. In addition, never use dry vapor steam cleaners to clean the exterior of an automobile. The dry steam requires constant wiping which can damage and scratch the paint of a vehicle. For exterior cleaning and washing, opt for a steam car wash pressure washer.
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