How to maintain your car properly?

For your car to last for a long time, good car maintenance is necessary to check the good condition of the parts and replace them if they are worn or out of order. What elements need to be examined? How to proceed? Follow all our advice!

Respect car maintenance deadlines

Over the years and through use, it is inevitable that some parts of your car will wear out and need to be replaced, which you can do yourself if you are a bit of a handyman for used parts by buying them from specialized sites or having your car serviced by a garage. Each model has specific deadlines for car maintenance; check the service booklet to find out what's going on with yours. You will then know the operations to be carried out according to the number of kilometers or the age of your car. This will let you know that, as a general rule, you should change the engine oil, oil filter, pollen filter every 10,000 or coolant and brake fluid should be drained every 20,000 km or two years. It is important to follow the maintenance deadlines for your car because it extends its life span by an average of 150,000 km.

Taking care of the bodywork

Good car maintenance does not only include the parts inside your car but also ensure the greatest care for the bodywork and replace damaged parts when necessary. It should be cleaned regularly without necessarily waiting for it to become dirty. This helps to keep the paint in good condition. In addition to regular water cleaning, consider polishing every three months to restore shine to the bodywork. Moreover, when you clean it, also think of the interior because plastics can crack and fade. Good car maintenance therefore includes the use of protective cleaners to keep the interior of your car in good condition for as long as possible. It is just as important to take care of the inside as it is to take care of the outside of your car.

Check the levels regularly

For which the steering and braking devices work correctly, it is necessary to check the levels periodically. This car maintenance task avoids malfunctions that can lead to engine failure. It is therefore recommended to check the engine oil level, which should always be between the mini and maxi, as well as the coolant. Moreover, if the level is often too low, it is because the motor consumes too much water, which could damage the cylinder head gasket. The levels of brake and power steering fluids should also be checked because if they are missing, it will affect the braking system. Good car maintenance will allow you to realize this before more serious problems occur.

Check the condition of the key parts

Some car parts require regular inspection when you perform your car maintenance. This concerns the battery, which must always be well charged to avoid starting problems, as well as the tires that you can visually inspect to make sure they are not too worn. Also make sure they are properly inflated. Similarly, the brakes must always be in good condition. When noises are heard, it may be time to change them. Quality car maintenance will allow you to keep it longer but also to drive safely.
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