All about Hyundai i20, understand transmission problem

Transmission i20 is actually fairly rare problem, either automatic or manual variant. More to the routine maintenance that should not be missed. It’s easy really, just stay peek through the transmission oil dipstick near the air filter. Now living alone how to check that no mistake. If you just want to check the quality of the oil, pull the dipstick can stay when the engine died. However, if you want to check the amount of oil, the engine should and should the car after driving a while. When the machine is alive, place the transmission lever in position N, only then lift the dipstick to see if it still meets the oil capacity. Standard treatments i20 automatic transmission in the range of 45 thousand kilometers. For the oil change procedure cost Rp 360 thousand and get 5 liters of oil. “But it would be better if at the same time flushing oil will spend about 12 liters of oil,” explained Smith again. Because the automatic performance will be maintained for the long term.
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