An easy way to treat as central standard cars, trivial but important!

Judging standard shaft center is trivial. Position in the bottom of the chassis. Simultaneously function as a hinge connecting the center with the standard chassis. In order to fold, this part was given a spring that works flexibly. In addition to the hinge and the support, in the motorcycle ace from iron pipes are usually used as a rear brake lever hinge. So long iron pipe is exceeded to the right side of the motor, in order to be able to leverage the brake lever securely. Just though seem trivial, these devices also need treatment. Moreover, as in the bottom position and very close to the rear wheel allows the following water dirt lodged in there. “Gradually the crust and rust can appear. If so, iron pipes, and all components are there like removable hard. ” These events recently experienced consumers who come to the workshop. Because plain ignored, as would a standard detached middle and rear brake lever hard to repair iron pipes removed. Detected as a prop when chassis parts are fused so difficult to be removed. “Forced to wear grinding pieces to cut the pipe so that the left side of the motor scraps easily pushed out.” Well, if you do not want this to be experienced in the motorcycle buddy should not be underestimated. So make it a habit to clean pivot middle standard post-rain or run through puddles, with pressurized water. “In addition to frequent flushing water, if there is spare time try given liquid lubricant. Or spray liquid penetran by motor position angled to seep oil in the gap. “
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