Car piston ring

Engine performance is one important concern of motorists. Most comfortable, so gas pedal car racing kitchen respond very maximum. Motorists certainly complain if the machine was not powered. Not only because of engine trouble, but practically these symptoms also showed that wasteful fuel consumption. In general, one of these conditions is the engine compression leak. Normal compression will result in a maximum engine power. Compression becomes abnormal when there is a leak. Leaks can cause compression engine down so the output of the engines is small. Among several possible causes for the leak was damage to piston rings. Components are located inside the machine may be scratched (worn), or dirty. The relationship between the condition of the piston rings and engine leak very strong given piston ring plays an important role in maintaining the density between the piston and cylinder wall. With this density, piston rings will prevent too much fuel and air mixture into the oil chamber. This needs to be prevented because if too many went into the oil, it will cause the engine compression pressure decreases. Well, if you feel weak engine power accompanied by symptoms such as above, then try to focus your attention to the problem of compression. How: Perform pressure test compression. There is a special tool that can be used that could indicate standard compression pressure allowed by each vehicle. When the compression pressure evidently below standards, the next step is to find the cause of the compression problem. The relationship between compression and piston ring damage can be determined by adding oil into the cylinder during the compression test. This test is necessary to remember not only the cause of the leak compression damage to the piston ring. It could also be caused by worn valve seals and valves; cylinder head gasket (gasket) can not tighten the cylinder block and cylinder head. If, compression rise after oil is added, then the only two main causes: the cylinder walls and piston rings. If it is proven broken piston ring, the only solution is an overhaul. Actually, the above problems can be avoided. That is, by doing routine maintenance. Especially, related to engine oil and engine cooling system (radiator water). Oil should be checked and replaced regularly. Substitution of oil depending on the type used. Can every 5,000 km, 10,000 km and so on. Depending on the oil producers. The quantity and quality of oil should also be checked. Must be between the lines E? F. More save when in position F. So is the water radiator. Quantity and quality must be maintained. Do not let excessive corrosion arise that can hinder the process of cooling the engine.
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