Cars Mr.Bean with heart superbike

Europe – Crazy! That’s what immediately occurred when Robert Valk creations look of this one. How not figure Mini Cooper car made ​​in the 60′s are identical in the movie Mr. Bean made ​​furious by the method of changing machine alias engine swap. For the sake of satisfying his desire racing, replacing Robert default machine-made Mini with Yamaha engine hunk. Yup, this is not a version of the Yamaha engine that is embedded on a Toyota 2JZ Supra. But the 1.0-liter four-cylinder engine-powered 160 hp Yamaha R1 superbike owned. Although applying the engine, engine compartment Mini just look so solid. Funny thing is, with the application of higher R1 engine, making miniature hood looks to be sacrificed and sticking up. Adjustment Affairs engine, radiator R1 forced into a split, aka cut into two sections and placed on the right and the left engine. Muzzle exhaust also helped move to the left side of the car with a hole in his body. Meanwhile, transmission 6-speed sequential gearbox fitted co-owned R1. Unfortunately Robert did not specify whether Mini reverse gear is used or not. Sector view, this Mini whitewash matte black color with some aerodynamic and wide-body panels on the fenders. While the legs escorted unique rim size 160/490-10 inch layered slick tires. Not only more aerodynamic. Materials are selected on the body panels were also replaced with fiberglass on the front end including the hood and fenders. As a result, the current Mini weighs just 550 kg or much lower than normal weight Mini reaches 640 kg.
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