Daihatsu Xenia Fixed selling despite the competitors surrounded

Achieving local sales Daihatsu in 2012 reached 1,116,230 units, followed in early January 2013, which reached 12 734 units to be said for 13.1 percent of the total market of January 2013 amounted to 97.564 units (wholesale) then the total achievement of the dealer to consumers (retailsales) recorded as many as 14,071 units or by 15.4 percent of the total retail market 91.446 units. With the attainment of realistic high enough already indicated that market demand is very high and Daihatsu most contributed the highest number coming from Daihatsu Xenia which accounts for as many as 5905 units digit (46.4%). Although the Daihatsu Xenia surrounded by competitors, but the car is still selling MPV in the market because it has many advantages over its competitors added to the safe zone is already enjoyed by the people of the MPV cars. Therefore Daihatsu will not plan any new models in addition to cars Daihatsu Ayla, because the market will remain stable Daihatsu XENIA.
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