Mazda VX-1 Ready to Collaborate

Mazda VX-1 as a new player in the MPV segment is expected to be present in the near future. MMI as apm Mazda Indonesia has opened a flagship mpv pivot for this, and the program booking fee of Rp 10 million was offered when there are consumers who are interested to order first. It was said by one of the Mazda dealer sales, “Messages and booking was able Rp.10 million, but the price of Mazda VX-1 is not known with certainty, it is likely to be launched in June and priced below Rp. 200 million. Additional information, Mazda VX-1 is the product of collaboration with Suzuki Mazda and therefore models with Suzuki Ertiga 11-12. This seven-passenger MPV looks similar to Suzuki Ertiga only distinguishing emblem and Mazda for VX-1 using leather for upholstery seats.
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