Honda Diesel Engines 1.6L i-DTEC, Tiny, Light and Powerful

Honda is committed to environmental issues. In addition to creating an efficient gasoline engine and eco-friendly, Honda has also developed diesel engine. Namely, the new diesel engine 1600 cc i-DTEC to be introduced to the European region in advance of this year. Previously, Honda has developed the i-DTEC diesel engine capacity of 2200 cc. “Our main focus for Earth Dreams Technology philosophy is to create an environment that balances efficiency with performance expected by Honda,” said Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader Honda Civic in Europe and also the diesel engine 1600 cc i-DTEC this. Honda called if the machine will be produced in Swindon, England is the most underestimated diesel engine in its class. Much lighter than the Honda diesel engine 2200 cc i-DTEC before. He weighs 47 pounds compared to reduced engine 2200 cc. This is thanks to the use of aluminum for the cylinder block and head. Not only that, but also through the calculation of the components are very mature. Every component is designed and individually weighed. Examples of internal development machine. “All the components are rotated optimized. So as to reduce the friction between the components that generate efficiency in various sectors,” said Tetsuya Miyake, Project Leader for the new machine. Not only efficient and light, but the engine capacity of 1600 cc i-DTEC has very good performance. This machine has a wall thickness of 8 mm resulted in a piston cylinder also use special materials. Capable of producing 120 hp at 4,000 rpm engine speed with maximum torque of 300 Nm at 2,000 rpm engine speed. Magnitude is thanks to the use of turbo Garrett the 4th generation that carries the variable nozzle and the speed of rotation of the precision because of the controlled electrical cars. As a result, turbo lag is minimal and has a power optimal combination of run-down, middle-to upper. Get maximum turbo pressure to 1.5 bar. Later, the engine will produce 500 units in one day will be installed on all 2013 Honda Civic production and out on the European continent. The next step will also be paired on the Honda CR-V are also produced in the UK.
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