LaFerrari Landing in China

First hybrid-powered supercar made ​​Ferrari, LaFerrari finally officially entered China. Cars that have been shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 in March, went on a world tour by visiting China at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013 event. This car is a limited edition of only 499 units produced. And just 3 days launched at the Geneva Motor Show, there have been 1,000 people who expect to be behind the wheel of this awesome supercar. A warm welcome Shanghai and other urban community could no longer be denied. When first time displayed spontaneous LaFerarri make anyone who saw unnerved. Although LaFerrari right next to the Lamborghini and Aston Martin. The room where the exhibition was packed with visitors as if to compare these super cars. So it is clear that China became the nation longed sports car that has a low level of pollution.
Aston Martin One-77
Mazda VX-1 Ready to Collaborate

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