Loved Korean Korean People’s Car, Love Domestic Product

Unlike in Japan, even though Japan creating many famous cars such as Toyota and Honda, but the Japanese people themselves are less fond of cars made in the country, they are idolized European cars such as BMW and Mercedes Benz. But another thing if we are to South Korea, where Korea is also often accomplished in creating cars ranging from standard class to luxury class too. The difference is that in Korea, people love the product stings country, when we visit there we could see the majority of cars in circulation branded Hyundai or Kia. Korean Folk has a past history stories unfavorable to the country of Japan, so that this condition makes the Korean people love their own products including love four wheel drive cars. Difficult once we see there cars made in Japan, and easier to find cars such as BMW, VW, Mercedes Benz but even then there were not many. If we see in terms of design and model-model Korean-made cars are not less attractive to Japanese cars. So many car models Hyundai / KIA who do not belong to Indonesia.
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