Mazda Biante 629 Units Sold

MMI successfully sold 2156 units, well above the previously announced target, which is 1,300 units. All-New Mazda Biante launched at the opening of the IIMS, plays an important role in the achievement of sales targets MMI after successfully recorded sales of 629 units. While the new Mazda2, which has become the backbone of the MMI sales since its launch, returned to the show as the best-selling Mazda cars with sales of 1017 units. Meanwhile, the All-New CX-5, completes the top three with sales of 313 units. The results of this year’s sales represented an increase of 71% when compared to the achievement of sales at IIMS as many as 1259 units. Commenting on the achievement of Mazda sales in IIMS, President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia, Keizo Okue, said, “We are very pleased that Mazda has ended with the IIMS this glorious achievement. We saw IIMs as appropriate container to communicate Zoom-Zoom brand to the masses. We are also very satisfied with the sales results that we achieved, as this is a sign of the acceptance of our brand in the community, “he said. All-New Mazda Biante, a new model was introduced this year after previous MMI brings Mazda RX-8 Spirit R, New Mazda2, all-new Mazda CX-5 and All-New Mazda BT-50 Pro. Mazda Biante, which is the medium MPV with a high roof that is able to accommodate 8 passengers, capable of directly proving its appeal at IIMS. This is evident from the high demand for Mazda Biante test drive as many as 567 during the IIMS. In addition, visitor attraction on the Mazda Biante more visible after the car was chosen as the third winner in the category “Most Favorite Car” award at IIMS. “The year is still proven to be a fantastic year for us. Starting from the success we launched a number of new models to exceptional sales results at IIMS. Obviously this will further motivate us to continue to improve our customer satisfaction,
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