Ouch! Hyundai Veloster sunroof easily broken

Detroit – One of the Korean car company Hyundai examined in the United States. The examination related to Hyundai Veloster panoramic sunroof that suddenly cracked and broken. A total of 18,000 units 2012 Hyundai Veloster experiencing trouble with panoramic sunroof. Up to now complain as much as 11 consumer complaints as reported by autoblog. One U.S. woman shocked when motorists discover panoramic sunroof suddenly broke. Himself who was driving it had to ‘shower’ the glass. Broken glass littered the head, shirt, pants up to the car’s interior. Lucky consumer complaints related damage heard Agency Traffic Safety and Road America or The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency was going to follow up on the report for the safety of the car 3 door manual. Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor said Hyundai and NHTSA is looking for subject matter to the components on the roof. “Our evaluation is at an early stage, and is in the process of checking every report that comes in,” said Trainor. “As always, we will work with NHTSA on this evaluation,”
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