Owner of a car registration document: all you need to know

If you have just purchased a vehicle, it is interesting to check the registration document. This administrative document is in a way the identity card of your vehicle. It must be in your name and address. In recent years, the administration has dematerialized most of your shares. This way, you can now apply for your card online. Focus on all the formalities required when changing the owner of a vehicle registration document.

Obligations of the owner of a new vehicle

As a new car registration owner, you have one month to apply for your car registration online from the date of purchase. If you do not complete this formality, the authorities may impose a fine of 135 euros. It is necessary to know that this one can reach 750 euros! In any case, if you change your address following a move, you must also comply by requesting a change of registration online. You also have one month to comply.

Change of car registration owner: what to do?

If you have just purchased a new or used vehicle, you must make a vehicle registration change to change the name of the owner. These changes are made via the Internet where you must apply for a car registration card online. They also concern you, if you buy a classic car.

Changing vehicles: formalities for the seller

The seller is stripped of the vehicle card when he sells it. Nevertheless, he must still complete some formalities to complete this transfer. Indeed, the latter must print a document called a "used vehicle transfer certificate". In concrete terms, this document is the contract of sale of the vehicle that justifies the change of registration document. It must be signed by both parties. Finally, the seller must cross out, sign and date the old card.

The change of car registration owner: the buyer's formalities

The request for an online registration document is therefore the first step to be taken via the Internet. To do this, it is necessary to gather several important documents to carry out this change of registration: - The copy of the old card crossed out by the former owner, - The declaration of transfer of the vehicle signed by both parties (buyer and seller), - The justification for the last roadworthiness test of the vehicle, - The insurance certificate of the new vehicle for the new owner, - A valid proof of identity, - Proof of purchase of the new vehicle, - A proof of residence less than 6 months old. Once all these elements have been gathered, you can easily apply for your car registration online. It should be noted that the price of a card then varies according to several criteria such as the power of the vehicle (number of tax horses) or whether the new vehicle is electric or hybrid. In addition, the date of the first registration also directly influences the amount of the card. Thus, in the event of a change of car registration owner, you know all the steps to proceed with the various formalities.
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