Why do I have to maintain the air conditioning in my car?

Air conditioning has become one of the basic options of automotive equipment. Also called Airco, it is an essential element of comfort in your car, which you don't want to see break down, especially in the middle of summer. For that, no mystery: an air conditioning system must be maintained, like the rest of your vehicle's equipment. In this short article we will look at how air conditioning works, and why and how you should maintain it to avoid worries.

How does the air conditioning work?

Automotive air conditioning is based on the principle of the pressure and decompression of a gas. In your vehicle there is a closed circuit containing a gas, the refrigerant fluid, at all times. This gas first passes through a compressor, which compresses it. This increases his temperature. It then passes through a condenser, which liquefies and cools it. The gas is then purged of impurities and any water in a dehydrator. It then passes through a regulator, which reduces its pressure, creating cold. The cooled gas meets the outside air in the evaporator; from there, after having been rid of its moisture, the fresh air passes through the cabin filter to the inside of the vehicle.

Why and how to maintain your air conditioning?

The main risk of defective air conditioning is a leakage of refrigerant gas. Toxic, it must not mix with the air that circulates freely. If any are missing in the circuit, it could also damage the compressor (which would run empty). More generally, poorly maintained air conditioning increases your consumption, pollution, bad smells and bacteria in the passenger compartment. To avoid these inconveniences, you must regularly maintain your air conditioning. Remember to operate it even in winter, to keep it in good working order. Have the level of the refrigerant gas monitored by a professional. It should be recharged approximately every 2 years, or more often for relatively low luxury car models. You can also have the circuit checked and cleaned every year. Change your cabin filter every 1 to 2 years; opt for an activated carbon model for better filtration.


You now know how your air conditioning works, as well as the risks involved in not requiring maintenance. As we have seen, you can avoid failure easily, thanks to regular and methodical maintenance of your air conditioning. Thanks to "all-inclusive" packages, this interview is quite affordable, so don't neglect it.
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