Repair the braking of your car

You don't need to be an expert in auto mechanics to know that the braking system plays an important role in safety. If a vehicle does not move forward, it is less of a problem than if it can no longer stop. A brake failure can have disastrous consequences.

Identify a braking problem

If you have a limited knowledge of auto mechanics, a few points can help you identify a problem related to braking.

Brake fluid warning light on

To ensure efficient operation, the braking system requires an optimal level of brake fluid. When the brake fluid warning light comes on, 3 cases may be involved:
  • Insufficient brake fluid level;
  • Brake fluid leakage;
  • Sensor fault.
For some car models, this indicator also detects a problem with the release of the hand brake.

Abnormal sensation in the pedal

A body scratch is a real ordeal for motorists. If the pedal is too soft, too hard or too deep, it will be difficult to stop properly and cause an accident. Whatever the anomaly related to braking, it is essential to adjust it as soon as possible by a professional in auto mechanics. The latter will know exactly what the real problem is and will solve it as soon as possible.

The car makes strange noises

Checking brake pads and shoes becomes urgent when disturbing noises (rubbing, scratching, squeaking, etc.) are heard. It should be noted that the longer it takes to solve problems, the more expensive the repairs will be.

Further information

Body scratches, serious accidents, parking problems, etc., a driver has a good chance of escaping these problems if he pays attention to his braking system. In addition to the information listed below, a repair or inspection is essential if:
  • The car takes time to stop when parked (hand brake problem);
  • A burning smell escapes from the tires;
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when braking.
Because the safety of the driver, potential passengers and other road users is more than important, the repair, inspection and maintenance of a car must be carried out by a professional in the field of car mechanics.
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