Replacing car parts

Having your own car makes daily travel easier. However, it is a property that requires regular maintenance to maintain its longevity. A vehicle overhaul is often accompanied by parts changes. Some components such as the engine, braking (drum brake), exhaust, lighting, etc. are the most affected by replacements. Auto mechanics experts recommend spare parts that meet manufacturer standards.

When to change the parts of your car?

The service life of car parts varies from one component to another. Their symptoms of wear and tear alert motorists.

Drum brakes

Drum brakes are a rear braking system for some vehicles. To detect their wear and tear, the following signs are noticeable:
  • Imbalance during braking;
  • Brake fluid leakage;
  • Braking followed by disturbing noises.
The driver can check these different problems for himself. But in case of doubt, it is advisable to entrust the interventions to professionals. It is known that drum brake kits must be replaced from 80,000 km and the brake fluid every 2 years.

The gearbox

A gearbox needs a periodic oil change to operate normally. Its maintenance is really important because the consequences of negligence can be serious. The oil change frequency is different for an automatic transmission (every 60,000 km) and a manual transmission (at the request of the mechanic). Once a certain mileage limit has been reached, the gearbox needs to be reconditioned. Either we replace it with a brand new box or we do it again.

The steering pump

The steering pump ensures the proper functioning of the power steering. Generally, its lifetime is not precise. However, manufacturers note in their maintenance logs that the entire steering system is checked. In the event of a failure, a diagnosis will determine whether the pump is the source of the problem or not. The following symptoms may indicate steering pump complications:  
  • Hard direction
  • Steering oil leakage
  • Noise at management level

Where can I find spare parts?

Motorists are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying spare parts. Drum brake kits, steering pumps, radiators, etc. are available in store, online and in car breakers.
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