Toyota prius, the best-selling car in Japan

Toyota Prius Hybrid models have sold as many as 22,091 units in Japan last month, making it the best-selling car in the land of the Rising Sun for the past 16 consecutive months. The second best-selling car is the Toyota Aqua with 22,039 units, the difference of 52 units with a Toyota Prius. In the third place, there is a mini model of the Suzuki Wagon R at 20,891 units. Suzuki model is remarkable because it was launched on 6 September and was able to save one liter of fuel for 28.8km. Honda mini Model Box N occupying number four since August 3. In the fifth place, there is a new subcompact Nissan Note debut on 3 September, and sold 18 355 units. Models that offer the performance and fuel efficiency are very popular in September, thanks to a super charger combined a small engine. Plus, the government provides incentives for environmentally friendly cars that reach the deadline in September. Demand for fuel-efficient cars to boost U.S. auto sales because of rising gasoline prices. The majority of car manufacturers including Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen and Honda posted double-digit gains from a year ago.
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