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concept car is currently on display, Daihatsu Functional Ultra Compact (UFC), it is no substitute for Xenia. Daihatsu says that any car will be produced, the UFC will be placed as the sister of Xenia. “It’s a world premiere, the first time we showed. Market response we want to see first, He further said that despite the desire to mass produce this car, there is currently no plans to produce the car. “Because we really want to see the market response first. After that we will do the research, even if this will be the production, we will not make it as a substitute for Xenia. Wants Xenia We remain, it was beneath him. So there between Ayla and Xenia, “lugasnya. That’s according to Amelia done because there is a market left by Xenia. Because when it was launched in 2004 ago, Xenia prices starting from Rp 68 million, but now it’s crept up to Rp 128.6 million. “The price increase is inevitable because the spec Xenia also be increased steadily. Example, first do not use power steering, it’s wear and so forth. Well, then, it’s no market space left Xenia, is that he wants us to use the contents of UFC, “he said. The car uses the same platform with Daihatsu Ayla is said to come with four virtues. First 3 seat MPV, High Ground Clearance, Flexible Seat, and Fuel Efficient. One of the main attraction of the sliding door pillarless doors, which facilitate the passengers to get out in the car. For the cabin, ultra flexible innovation arranggement seat with the remote, making the position of the seat to be more practical, the composition can also expand the seat luggage space has been designed extra large. The second seat is not folded, but come to the front as the back of the front seats hug. Interestingly UFC does not use the pillar B. As advocates element of comfort, the unit In-Desk Console Monitor Tablet large, can supply a variety of information functions and features contained in UFC Concept Car. Exterior dimensions of a compact car with a 4.050 x 1.695 x 1.585 increasingly looks dashing with a high ground clearance (190mm). About the performance, Daihatsu also into account by applying a minivan engine 1.300cc 4 cylinder DOHC engine, combined with water-cooled technology. “But the engine has not been fixed yes, not until you know for sure our new,” Want to know the specs of this concept car? Here’s the data. Functional Ultra Compact (UFC) Concept Car Multi Purpose Vehicle Dimensions (mm): 4050 x 1695 x 1585 Wheel base (mm): 2730 Ground Clearence (mm): 190 Interior length: 2495 mm Interior width: 1445 mm Engine Tech: Water Cooled, 4 cyl DOHC Engine (cc): 1,300 cc Drive Lay Out: FF Tires: 225/50R155
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